How to Help Plan Your Kids Prom

Posted on Aug 22 2014 - 12:41am by Charlie

Proms used to be reserved for teenagers only. However, now they are getting more and more popular for children and pre-teens. Many schools have decided that, to celebrate the end of their ‘little’ school years, they will hold a prom for children to celebrate. This is ever so exciting for the kids, but it may not be as exciting for you. This means you must splash out multiple times for your children to attend these fancy events! However, you probably don’t need to spend as much as you think for your kids to have an amazing time. Let’s take a look at what you can do to help your kids plan their prom:


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Search for an Affordable Outfit

Your children will no doubt be very excited about the prospect of getting to dress up and go to prom. However; don’t allow them to be spoiled brats. Sure, some parents do spend thousands on their kids proms, but doesn’t this sound ridiculous to you? If you really want to splash out, wait until they’re older for their senior prom and can truly appreciate the effort you’ve gone through. Search eBay and similar sites for an affordable outfit for them to wear. You’re sure to find something virtually brand new that will look amazing, regardless of the fact that it’s second hand!

Don’t forget accessories either. A girl may appreciate a nice bangle or pair of earrings, while your son will probably be fine with a nice pair of shoes. If your budget allows, you could buy your daughter a sparkly tiara. I’d recommend speaking with the other parents and asking what they’re planning on doing, so that your child doesn’t feel like the odd one out.

Plan Transport With Other Parents

Transport is always best shared with other parents. While you may be tempted to take your kids to prom yourself, hiring a limo won’t cost you too much money if you split it with some of the other parents. This way, your kids can arrive to prom with some of their best friends and have a great time on the way there. Take a look at a site like, for example, to get an idea on choice and prices.

Practice Hair and Makeup

While paying for professional hair and makeup when your kids are older might be a nice gesture, paying for it now is a little silly. Kids don’t need too much doing to them, as they are naturally cute, so practice with them yourself to see what you can come up with. Minimal makeup is ideal but you could try something spectacular with the hair if you’re confident.

Take Lots of Photos and Give Them a Disposable Camera

To make them feel like a star before their prom, make sure you take lots of pictures. You can even give them a disposable camera for them to take some pictures too. You could give them a digital camera, I’d just make sure that it isn’t too expensive. You know that kids and expensive things shouldn’t mix!

Now you can start planning!

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