Practical Food Health Concerns For Moms With Kids

Posted on Jul 27 2016 - 8:24am by Charlie

Every mom has the safety of her child as a high priority on her mind. And though there are a lot of physical safety concerns, one of the more controllable things to deal with comes in terms of food health. This means having a practical understanding of what your child is eating, and where, and being able to alter it effectively when some nutritional need has a requirement to change.


For instance, there are the matters of food poisoning, allergic reactions, nutritional accuracy, what your kids eat when your aren’t around looking, and the power of television to affect the healthiest diet available for you and your family.

Food Poisoning

And for as safe as you can try to be when it comes to shopping and cooking, there’s still going to be the odd case of food poisoning that’s not your fault. You’ll catch the news regularly talking about recalls from various companies, usually do to things like outbreaks of listeria or e. coli. It’s impossible to predict when this is going to happen, or for which companies or types of food, so the best you can do is be aware of when the news points to the danger, even if it’s retroactive.

Allergic Reactions

There are common allergies like being sensitive to peanuts or certain types of fruit, but other allergies can come up out of the blue and suddenly your kid is covered in hives and having trouble breathing. Smart parents are going to have emergency supplies like Benadryl or even potentially an epipen if there’s a strong danger of a reaction that could potentially be fatal.

Nutritional Accuracy

As a mom, you want to know what you’re feeding your kids, and especially when it comes to things like processed cereal or other foods like granola bars and macaroni and cheese, nutritionally accuracy on food labels is absolutely crucial. And not only does that information have to be correct, you also need to know how to read it. There are some tricky things advertisers do occasionally to make certain foods seem healthier than they actually are.

What Happens Out of Your Sight

When your kids go off to school, it’s nearly impossible to track what they eat, and that can be a major concern if there’s suddenly a change in how your child is eating. They may be getting food from friends or cafeterias that don’t fit their dietary needs.

The Power of Television

Even on young children, television can have an extremely powerful affect on thoughts about eating and nutrition. Without some guidance, kids can pick up extremely dangerous ideas about what food and nutrition are, especially from shows aimed at older audiences where a child’s psyche is not considered.

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