The Online Gaming Guide For Child Safety

Posted on Jan 22 2015 - 2:53am by Charlie


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Gaming is one of the things that most of our kids just love to do. Children of all ages are now learning how to use handheld gaming devices and tablets. Whilst initially this raised a few eyebrows with parents, it has actually begun to gain positive comments. Tablets and apps have been introduced that not only allow your child to have fun, but also to learn at the same time. Becoming technology savvy is an essential part of our children’s futures. We might not always want them to spend hours on end playing games, but there are ways to ensure that your child stays safe and secure when we do allow them time to play.

Games for education – educational games for children are a great way to let them have fun, whilst having the gaming experience. You can visit many child-friendly learning websites and check them out before allowing your children to use them. These can often help children who are falling behind in a certain topic at school. Making light entertainment of a topic they aren’t too good at will usually result in positive changes in the way your child thinks about that topic. You can find websites online that help with almost all topics. These include English, languages, Maths and even science.

Games for fun – Does your child spend hours discussing pet saga strategies with their friends? If they are obsessed with the latest games for their cell phone or app, limited time on these can actually be beneficial. Allowing older children to unwind by playing their favorite games can be a good way of rewarding them for doing their homework or chores.

Supervised use – supervising your child online or when they are gaming is always a good idea. Most children are responsible enough to stick to some simple rules that will make their gaming experience safe. Limiting their time playing games on their devices is a good way to start. A few hours of time here and there on any game that you have checked out is fine. If your child is of an appropriate age to use Facebook and plays games on there, then take the time to explain the rules you want them to stick to.

Talking about the dangers of being online – the internet can be a little overwhelming to children and teens at first. If you make the decision to allow your child online then you should take time out to talk to them in depth about internet safety. Their profiles and accounts should be set to the highest privacy settings, and you should ensure that the family computer is used at all times. Try explaining things like cyber bullying. Explain to your children that they must be open and honest with you about any messages they might receive or anything that makes them uncomfortable online. Communication is key here.

Ensure that your children also have plenty of social time away from the internet. Spend time doing activities with them and encouraging daily outings as the main way of having fun. A balanced mix of everything will ensure that your children grow up healthy and informed.

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