4 Easy Ways To Quit Smoking When Trying For A Baby

Posted on Jul 14 2014 - 3:24pm by Charlie

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You’ve tried before to quit smoking, but just never quite managed it. If you’ve been smoking for many years, it may feel like kicking the addiction is nigh impossible.

When you’re trying for a baby, though, smoking can make conceiving difficult. In women, smoking kills the amount of eggs in the womb. That means that the more a woman smokes, the less likely she is to get pregnant.

Because smoking can damage your chances of having a baby, it is vital that you stop as soon as possible. There are a few easy tricks you can try to help you quit smoking.

1. Drink Less Fizzy Drinks

You have a nicotine addiction, but you are also addicted to the taste of cigarettes. Research has found that different food and drink makes cigarettes taste different.

If you eat a lot of meat and drink fizzy drinks, your cigarettes will taste better. Whereas if you eat cheese and drink water instead, the cigarettes taste worse. It may sound odd, but it’s true.

You can use this information to your advantage. By having less fizzy drinks and meat, you can make sure that your cigarettes don’t taste the best. Doing this should decrease your need for them because the experience of smoking is no longer as enjoyable.

2. Ask For Help

Social support plays a huge part in whether a person can quit smoking or not. Just having the people around you know that you are trying to quit smoking will mean that you have much more support. The support will encourage you to carry on when you feel at your weakest point.

Choose a buddy, who can help you through the process. This person will be there for you when you want a cigarette. You can call them and talk to them rather than smoking, and they will talk you out of reaching for the next cigarette.

Research has found that people who have the support of their friends and family are more likely to succeed in quitting smoking. Those who try to quit without telling anybody tend to feel isolated when they feel weak. Without anyone to talk to about this, lone quitters are likely to smoke in moments of weakness.

3. Try E-cigarettes

The benefit of e-cigarettes for people trying to quit smoking are huge. E-cigarettes give you the nicotine your body is craving without the harmful tar, which damages your body.

Switching to e-cigarettes is a simple thing you can do, which will immediately take the damage out of smoking. Companies, such as E Liquid, provide quality e-cigarettes at reasonable prices. Changing to e-cigarettes means that not only are you saving your health by making the switch you could also save money in the long term.

4. Get Busy

When do you smoke the most? The answer is most likely to be when you feel bored or when you need a break. Many smokers use their smoking as a way to distract themselves from tasks.

Take up some new hobbies or join a club. Keeping yourself busy is a great tactic when quitting smoking. If you are busy and do not have the time to sit down for a cigarette, then you are less likely to have one. No matter what you choose to do rather than smoking, you can bet that it will be better for you. Finding a new hobby works in two ways. It will keep you stay busy, of course, but it will also give you a chance to socialise. As many smokers use their habit to socialise, finding a new circle of friends will be good for you.

Quitting smoking when trying for a baby should be your top priority. When attempting to conceive you want to give yourself every possible chance. Try these helpful tips and stop smoking today.

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