7 Things to Look For in Your Family Home

Posted on Jul 23 2014 - 1:11am by Charlie

If you’re thinking of searching for your family home, you need more than just a home that looks nice. You need to make sure that there are specific things close by, and that the house has everything you need to live in it for a very long time. Here are 7 things you should look for:


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1. A Great Location

A great location is probably the most important thing in a family home. This is because you can change and improve most things about a home with the right company and funds, but you can never move a house! If you don’t love where it is, then you’re going to have a problem. Take a look at a place like the Brook at Byford to get some inspiration. It should be in close proximity to important things too, like your work, shops, and schools.

2. Situation Factors

Situation factors refer to many things, but I’ll give you a few examples. You might love the house and the location, but is the garden suitable for the kids? Does your neighbour’s window look directly into yours? Try to preempt any issues you could come across once you’ve moved in to avoid a nasty surprise once you’ve bought the house.

3. A Clean, Tidy, and Safe Street

The street you’re buying in should be clean and tidy – you want to look out of the window and be greeted with a great view, right? Some people say you should buy the smallest house in the nicest neighborhood you can afford, as you’ll get a great view every day! I recommend you visit at different times of day to make sure that the place is safe at all times too.

4. Lots of Space

You can never have enough space in a family home, and even then you’ll no doubt fill it up. Babies grow very quickly, and you never really know how many you’re going to end up having. You’ll need space for all of your kids and all of their stuff, and you’ll also need to consider what will happen when they hit their teens. They won’t want to share rooms, and they’ll be taking up even more space. Is the house still suitable?

5. A Nice Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and it’s often the place that the family spend time together in the morning before work and school. Make sure you have a spacious, well equipped kitchen so the entire family can have lovely meal times.

6. Good Schools

Make sure there are multiple good schools in the area. Do this by conducting some research, and visiting the schools and asking some questions. You can’t guarantee which school your children will get into, so make sure they are all satisfactory.

7. Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is especially important when it comes to selling a house. This is what gives the potential buyer a first impression of the home. Make sure it looks clean and tidy and could be improved upon if you need to.

To add to the property value, homeowners may want to add on an extension to their property such as a modular living unit/ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) which can not only give extra space and look good but increase the value for selling. If you want to learn more you can look here to see some options on what this could all entail.

Now you can search for the perfect family home. Simply tick the above points off as you view, and when you get a ‘full house’ you know you’ve found the one!


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