When You Need a Break: Every Mom Needs Time for Herself

Posted on Oct 9 2017 - 1:48pm by Charlie

What do you do when you get a mom break? For lots of us, a break is something as small as going to the store alone or making it through one episode of a show uninterrupted. Now’s the time to declare that it’s simply NOT enough! If your nerves are fried and your temper is too, too short these days, it’s time to consider something more restorative.


First, be realistic about the amount of time you can get away, and how far you can go. Often, moms who haven’t spent much time away from their kids at all can find themselves really suffering through a two-week trip abroad. It may be best to start by taking a weekend away just outside of your city.

In fact, you can warm up to the idea by spending a night at a local Marriott – it’s that simple! One night in a quiet, comfortable room that you don’t have to worry about cleaning yourself may be just the ticket.

Also, think critically about how you’d best enjoy your time away. How adventurous are you? If you had no responsibilities, what hobbies would you take up? More importantly, what do you need right now?

Perhaps you’d be better off choosing a destination where you can take advantage of spa services. Maybe you’d like to attend wine tastings, see a specific museum exhibit, or go on a long hike. Either way, the first step is taking the time to clearly picture what you want your mom-cation to look like. 

Going Solo?

Next, visualize who you’re with. Taking a break can be a great time to reconnect with your partner, if you have one. Speak with them about what you’d like to do, but don’t cave to their own ideas.

Yes, that’s right. Compromise is vital in relationships, but bear in mind that no matter what, this is your break, too. The entire point is to escape the demands of other people for a short period.

If they’re not interested in your plans, don’t shy away from going solo. A lot of us rarely get to experience what it’s like to spend time just with ourselves, so we aren’t aware of the kind of clarity and peace we can feel when unencumbered by others. 

Never Feel Guilty

The first day back at work after giving birth, all of the times you had to say no when you wanted to give in – motherhood can be rife with guilt. Taking a break is not one of those times. Rather, it’s a chance to take a step back, recharge, and rediscover what you value.

If you do feel a little somber during your getaway, understand that that’s normal. Make a short phone call home to briefly reconnect. You’ll be back to your old routine soon enough.

All in all, mom-cations are vastly underrated. They offer us an opportunity to clear our heads and worry less, even if just for a weekend. And ultimately, taking restorative breaks makes us better partners, friends, and mothers.

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