How to Puppy-Proof Your Home

Posted on Nov 12 2016 - 3:36pm by Charlie

Buying a puppy can be an exciting experience.  They come in fluffy little packages with big cute eyes and a tendency to destroy half of your house.  


Many people get puppies and have no idea what to expect until suddenly all of their shoes are chewed up, the dog is full grown, and you can’t figure out how to make it stop pooping on your Persian rug.

Take the proper precautions for your puppy and you will find yourself with a loving little companion instead of a pain in the neck.

Get Pet Insurance

You never know when your dog could have an unexpected health complication.  Part of the risk we take when we get an animal is knowing that they live shorter lives than us.  

Take the proper precautions and get pet insurance.  By paying this relatively small monthly installment can save you thousands when you compare it to the cost of an uninsured pet who requires a surgery or other procedure.

Take a look at the different options for pet insurance and compare prices. You’ll be surprised to find that there are very reasonable deals out there.

Buy Pee Pads

Go to the store and buy pads for your floor to protect your floor. Your puppy will more than likely have a lot of accidents during the first 3 months of coming home. While it’s not ideal to let your puppy pee or poop inside, it’s better than letting it soak into your floors.

Once your puppy starts learning that outside means it’s time to go to the bathroom, you can slowly start to take them away.  

Buy a Crate

A crate is the best and fastest way to train your animal to not pee in the house. Your puppy will resist it first, so it’s important to take it slowly.  

Start by putting their favorite toy inside of the crate, and maybe a few treats.  Reward the puppy when it enters and don’t close the door.  After a while, your puppy will start to recognize the crate as their “safe” place.  

Once the puppy has identified with the crate as being their territory, close the door and keep the dog in there when you are sleeping or away for long periods of time.

By nature, dogs are den animals, and will not soil in an area they see as theirs.  Therefore your puppy will start to learn how to hold their bladders for extended periods of time.

Buy Toys

It’s important to buy lots of toys for your puppy so that he or she stays busy and entertained, instead of chewing on your belongings instead.

All of your shoes and belongings showing up chewed is a clear sign of a bored and restless puppy. The more toys the better.

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