Quality Time With the Kids

Posted on Sep 7 2021 - 5:27pm by Charlie

Quality time with the kids can be the most important thing anyone could ever ask for. Spending time with your children is a fun and rejuvenating. You spend time building a special bond and creating memories together that will stay with you forever. So why do so few parents make time for quality time?

Many parents feel that spending quality time with your child is too much to give. Some days, it even feels as though you spend every waking moment with them. From when they wake up to putting them to bed every night, spending quality time with your child is a priority. Whether they’re squealing like pterodactyls on an important phone call, begging for food every minute, or simply asking for every small siblings-inflicted injustice, the constant onslaught is overwhelming. Here are some ways to make sure you never miss out on that precious time with your family.

First, schedule a bedtime routine. Bedtime should be a special time of quiet reflection and calm comfort. It should be an opportunity to read a book, play some soothing music, and do nothing but enjoy the company of your kids. Research shows that spending 20 minutes alone with our kids can lift their spirits, and decrease the stress they feel from every day life. Bedtime should be a peaceful time for you and your child, and should never be the place you resort to grabbing a snack or a drink. Simply set aside a good time each day for this purpose, and you’ll both be happier for it.

Second, try to find ways to spend as much quality time with your kids each day. This may be hard at first, since we all love our children deeply, but the truth is, some kids simply don’t want to talk to you. They may be too shy to ask you out to the ballgame, and they may simply prefer to spend their time in front of the television. Find creative ways to spend time with your kids, though. For example, by offering to take them shopping or to the park on the weekends, you can spend time together without having to break up the family ritual of watching TV in the middle of the afternoon.

Third, allow your children to take turns doing something with each other. For example, let your son take turns doing homework, while letting your daughter go outside and play outside in the neighborhood. This way, they get to spend quality time together with each other, as well as with you. You’ll also benefit from allowing your kids to have some freedom to be creative and experiment. After all, your kids will learn a lot just by playing with you, and if you’re patient enough, you’ll find that they’ll quickly learn new things about you and about life itself.

Finally, encourage your kids to do things that bring them pleasure and that are related to you. If you spend quality time with your child by being a parent first, then your child will naturally try to be a better one. You’ll both benefit from this, and your kids will feel good about themselves as well.