There is no “Right Way” to Parent But There are Things You Need to Know

Posted on Feb 1 2016 - 6:47pm by Charlie

Anything written in regards to parenting can tend to be a little controversial. Every parent was raised with a different background, some more religious than others, some liberal, some conservative, some indifferent to anything going on in the world, and none of those upbringings are particularly better than the other.


Although each person may have a different parenting style, there is something to be said for the children and the parenting style they need to be able to thrive in whatever giftings and personality traits they were born with. Some parents might deeply believe in discipline, and their methods of discipline might look outright insensitive or abusive to other parents with a different parenting style. These type of parents might not discipline their children at all.

Lack of Discipline Breeds Disrespect

A lack of discipline in children has been shown to create more problems down the road when compared to children who were properly disciplined. The key word is “properly”. A lack of discipline creates no foundation for respect in a child.

If a child does something that is not okay, it’s a parent’s job step in and show them why that action was wrong. When parents don’t discipline, it teaches a child from a young age that there are no consequences in life. This leads to a child having problems in school, which translates to problems in every other area of life, and it immediately teaches a kid that they needn’t have any respect for authority.

If a child doesn’t get their way in life, it leads to decisions that cause chaos and harm, and many children who lack discipline growing up are far more likely to face substance abuse problems among other problems like physical abuse, and poor anger management skills. It’s your job to do everything possible to raise your child correctly so they don’t end up needing to get help from another person (like a qualified therapist from online counseling websites like for their issues.

You Need to Encourage Your Child in Their Giftings

It can be a challenge to pinpoint a child’s specific giftings in life, especially when they’re young. It’s important to get an early start on finding your child’s aptitude for certain things. It might involve a lot of trial and error in the the way that as your child is developing, they might think they want to do one thing, and then they’ll change their minds two months into lessons, after you’ve bought them a cello.

It’s crucial that you’re patient with your child as they’re learning who they are. Get them into lessons that shape their giftings early on to set them up for success-if you don’t do this, it’s not the end of the world, but just be intentional with your child and encourage them to seek out what it is they want to do with all of their hearts. They were given a gift to use it, not to chose to do something else due to lack of preparation, money, or support.

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