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Posted on Oct 6 2013 - 8:28pm by Charlie

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If there’s one thing that all parents can relate to, it’s the issue of clothing their children on the cheap. Nobody wants their kids dressed in rags, but at the same time, brand names can cost far more than the average earner in the UK can realistically afford. So finding innovative ways of purchasing clothing at reduced costs should be at the top of your “to do” lists.

Nowadays it’s easier than ever to find good deals thanks to the digital revolution and birth of the internet. A simple Google search will throw up literally thousands of retailers and websites that offer fantastic savings on children’s clothing, and when you factor in the difference made by utilising price comparison websites, the picture you’re left with is far from negative.

With this in mind, i’ve written this guide with the sincere intention of assisting those families who are struggling financially in 2013, and I really do hope I can make a small difference to both the quality of clothing your children wear, and the thickness of your wallet. So have a quick read through and see if you can pick up some cool tips and tricks.

Make A List Or Plan And Stick To It

It can be rather easy these days to buy things we don’t really need, and when you’re shopping on an increasingly tight budget this can be a real problem. To combat this, simple compile a list of the items you need to buy and ensure you never deviate from it. That way you should avoid any impulse purchases and obtain the best clothing possible for your children.

Look For Deals Online

In the past, finding the best deals would have involved visiting oodles of different retail shops and searching through their offers. Thankfully this has now changed and it’s very simple to find out who’s currently offering the best deals online.

Different retailers offer different deals on different items at different times, so being able to keep a close eye on their prices and how they change during specific months can be a real benefit.

Don’t Go For The Cheapest Options

Unless the item of clothing is reduced in a sale, avoid buying the cheapest of the cheap as you’ll find they’re far inferior products and are unlikely to last as long as you need them to. A £5 pair of school trousers may seem appealing, but when they need replacing every couple of months the cost will start to escalate very quickly indeed.

I tend to opt for brands like didriksons for kids as they’re reasonably priced, good quality items that often last for a year or more.

So there you have it my friends. I hope now you’ll encounter fewer problems when trying to make your budget stretch, especially if you’ve got more than one child. I saw a news article recently that claimed UK parents spend on average around £300 per year each on clothing their kids, but i’m confident with the advice i’ve just dispensed, this sum can be reduced considerably.

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