Top Tips on Buying a Family Car 

Posted on Nov 30 2018 - 1:12am by Charlie

In the UK, car sales dropped by 20% in September this year. The uncertainty surrounding the prospect of a no-deal Brexit has potentially caused people to be more mindful of big expenditures. When it comes to buying a family car, affordability is of course a major consideration, alongside a car’s suitability for family members and pets. The biggest priority, though, is of course safety. Here are a few tips on what to bear in mind when considering which family car to go for.

Assess the spaciousness of the car

It goes without saying that you need to consider the size of your family, any potential pet passengers and the amount of space you need for luggage or various equipment. These factors will influence which type of vehicle is most suited to your needs. If possible, bring your family members with you when trying out a car, so that you can gauge whether it is roomy and comfortable enough for everyone. Remember that car seats and boosters for youngsters will also impact space, so try to install these in the car if possible. Also make sure that driver and passengers alike are able to sit in a position that is best for posture.

Research the car’s safety record

All cars have to undergo rigorous safety tests, but it is definitely worth researching the safety record of any car you are interested in buying. Volvo have consistently had the best safety record over the years, but advances in vehicle safety technology mean that safety is improving all the time. However, a huge part of ensuring safety on the road is being diligent with car maintenance (such as tyre pressure and tread) and correct installment of car seats and straps for children. A car’s safety record is irrelevant if you don’t play your part in keeping people safe.

Make sure you can afford the car

Of course, buying the car is only part of the story when considering which car is suitable for you and your family. You also have to factor in the cost of petrol, insurance and car maintenance, which can range hugely depending on the type of car. Find out how economical the car is, that is, how many miles per gallon it gives you. Make sure you also thoroughly research how much insurance is likely to cost, as well as any known niggles a particular car model has and how expensive parts are to replace. You don’t want to be hit with lots of unexpected maintenance costs.

Take the time to find the right car for you

After buying a home, purchasing a car is probably the most expensive outlay you will make. Make sure you do your homework on maintenance costs and safety, and don’t rush into buying the first car you like the look of. Test drive any car you are interested in, preferably a few times and at different times of day, with your family on board. It is important that you are all happy.