3 Tips to Make Holidaying with Children Easier

Posted on Oct 22 2013 - 12:56pm by Charlie

If you’re going on holiday with children it can be a bit hectic and the relaxing portion of the holiday can become less and less. Having a solid plan for your kid’s means that you won’t have to worry about it whilst you’re away and your children will have a lot more fun as well. Follow these tips for a stress free holiday, so you can make the most of the time with your family.

1.       Involve your children in your holiday

When you’re planning a holiday it can be easy to fall into habits you had when you didn’t have children. Planning lots of trips is a great idea and most people will have their children in mind, however, they won’t inform their children of what’s going to happen on the holiday. A lot of tantrums can be avoided if you show your kids where you are going to go, where the hotel is etc… Give them a guidebook and ask them where they’d like to go, get a map and show them exactly where they’re going to and pin different places they’d like to visit. Children typically like structure and yanking them out of their comfort zone and not telling them anything can leave them feeling frustrated and upset. Make a family holiday with your family!


2.       Prevent illness

Being ill on holiday is never fun and it happens more often than when you are at home. Sniffly noses and upset tummies can turn a lovely fun filled holiday into a nightmare as you try and buy cough medicine abroad. There are a couple of ways you can avoid this, first of all, make a pre-emptive strike, Napiers Herbalists have multi vitamins which can boost your immune system and fight off those nasty illnesses. Also make sure that you and your children have slept off your initial jetlag, lack of sleep can make you an easy target for illness so check how much sleep you need to acclimatise to the time change.

3.       Keep them entertained

Even with the best planning in the world, sometimes children can just get bored. Bring a ‘boredom kit’ everywhere you go. If your child is getting fussy in a museum or at the beach, remind them that you have their favourite portable game console or their favourite book and watch boredom turn into delight. There is no point trying to force your kids into enjoying their holiday, because sometimes they miss the comfort and familiarity of home, so bring it with and you can enjoy your holiday in peace.

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