3 Ways to Boost Your Child’s Happiness

Posted on Jul 4 2013 - 7:20am by Charlie

Children tend to be carefree and happy-go-lucky little creatures but as the stresses of life kick in, it’s easy for your personal attitude to affect your children’s happiness.  Teach your youngsters to appreciate the moment and you’ll give them a healthy coping mechanism to approach every day.

Family plays a critical role in a child’s life – especially in the early years. Your actions today can directly impact who your child will be tomorrow.

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Read on for three ways every parent can boost a child’s happiness and learn how you can create a positive environment for your kid.

Get outside

There’s nothing that fresh air can’t fix. We spend so much of our time cooped up inside, at work, in classrooms, on our computers, that we forget to enjoy the outdoors. Unplanned playtime at the park, a local playground, or even your own backyard will help your child learn to explore and appreciate nature. Fresh air, sunlight, and dirt under the fingernails can boost the immune system and decrease rates of depression later in life. Children have boundless energy so running around outside is a great way to encourage exercise and calm them down.

Stop and listen

Take a moment each day to stop and listen to your child. What is he or she saying? Focus on not only the words but the tone. You don’t have to offer an answer or a solution, just show that you’re tuned in to their needs and make it clear that their words are important to you. Again, it’s easy to get caught up in our own worries and daily routine, but it’s important to make time for your child that is completely uninterrupted by cell phones, email, or other distractions.

Schedule bonding time

Sometimes, you need to schedule in time to hang out. Classes, friends, and after-school activities can make it difficult to find time to hang out as a family. When you love someone unconditionally, it’s easy to take that for granted. Take time once every week and schedule in absolutely nothing. Allocate time specifically for not doing activities and you’ll find that you and your child can connect on a new, more meaningful level.

Depending on the relationship you and your children have, some of these suggestions might be entirely unrealistic. But that’s ok. Figure out what works for you and your family and do what you can do strengthen the bond between parent and child and boost your child’s happiness in a way they respond to.

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