Creating The Perfect Bedroom For Your Child

Posted on Jun 17 2015 - 8:34am by Charlie


Being blessed with children is one of life’s greatest gifts but it does serve up a number of challenges. One of the biggest can be giving them a bedroom that still maintains that sense of pleasure for play, learning, and rest.

A child’s bedroom should be his or her own special sanctuary and is a place they should feel safe and happy.

These tips should help you create something spectacular for your special little one.


The clue is in the title of this one, the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom is a bed. It is the place your child spends a third of their life and is therefore an extremely important aspect to get right.

Not only is important for function, it is also crucial to the interior design. A whole room can be built around the bed. Getting your child to sleep can be an issue, though, and seeking an imaginative creation such as boys beds from Cuckooland can really help conquer that problem.


One thing that you must remember, though, is to leave enough space for your child to play. Even if it is a relatively small room, an area for activity is key as all kids like to use their imagination when playing.

No space can prevent them from unleashing their creative mind, as well as creating safety hazards.

Work Station

If your child is of school age then it’s important to create an area for them to learn in. Giving them their own space for homework will encourage them to complete it and also provides a space to get on with the work peacefully without being distracted.

With computers playing an increasingly important part in the education sector, your little one will probably have a laptop too. Keeping them safe online is vital, especially if they’re using the internet from their bedroom.

Design & Accessories

A child’s bedroom needs to be kept neat and tidy, but it should still promote your child’s personality. Being creative can quickly transform a room into a space they’ll simply adore.

However, ideas don’t need to be big and spectacular. Simple ideas can still encourage the bond between child and bedroom. If they are into skateboarding then you could use old ones to create shelving space whilst also playing up to their hobby. The key is to create a room where familiarity and fun are prominent.

Promote Organisation

Your child will accumulate a lot of items over time. Clothes, toys, and schoolwork will all add up. It’s vital that they have enough storage space to keep it all.

Providing enough drawer space will encourage them to keep the room tidy, which is something you could even reward them for. If they keep pride in their room then they are likely to gain respect for other spaces in and outside of the house too.

As much as fun and function are important to the bedroom, there are no circumstances under which cleanliness should be dismissed. Above all else, it will lower your child’s chances of picking up illnesses.

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