Outdoor Activities for Kids

Posted on Jun 25 2015 - 9:25am by Charlie

Not so many years ago kids would hurry home from school, get into something more comfortable and run back outside for hours and hours or running up and down. Oh how times have changed. Nowadays children are surrounded by TV, gaming consoles, computers and the internet that keep them locked up in a room somewhere for way too many hours. Because of this, kids of today no longer spend time outdoors. Small wonder why child obesity is a very real phenomenon these days.

With these activities your kids you can get your children moving and they will not even know that they are exercising.


1. Football

Football is a cheap activity –  a ball can cost as little as £5, all you need is a field!

Football is naturally a fast paced and energetic game and this means your child will gain a lot of muscle as well as build on his or her cardiovascular endurance, balance, co-ordination and flexibility. If your kid is already having issues with his or her weight, getting them to play soccer is a great way of making them lose weight.

The social advantages of playing soccer include teaching a child how to lead and be fair as well as discipline, teamwork. It also improves the self-esteem of your child.


2. Inline Skating

This type of exercise is becoming quite popular among parents and kids today. As with any other type of sport there is always a slight element of risk involved. With inline skating it’s no different. The good news is that your child will have to adhere to all safety standards before they can get onto the rink. Children as young as four or five years can master the skills needed to participate in inline skating. It’s not automatic that a child will know how to skate right away. Most times they have to take lessons from a professional. If as a parent you choose this as the ideal sport for your child you will have to invest in a helmet, knee, elbow and wrist pads. Physical and social benefits of getting your child to skate include increased muscle strength, flexibility, balance, co-ordination, cardio fitness and self-esteem.

3. Softball and Baseball

So many children wish to be baseball players when they grow old and getting them on that path while they are still kids is the perfect way to push them towards that goal. Did you know that a kid who is as young as 5 years can master the skills needed to play T-ball? Once they know how to go about that there’s only moving on up to softball then baseball from there.

Most teams playing in the regular baseball league also run a little league baseball club that’s very popular. So popular that approximately 3 million little children of age 5 to 18 play in it.

Enrolling your child in such a league has numerous physical advantages as well. The list includes improved eye and hand co-ordination, balance and strength. Social benefits of playing softball and baseball include instilling a strong sense of teamwork and discipline.

4. Cycling

Nothing excites a child more than the whole journey of learning how to ride a bike. Starting off with the training wheels still on and moving on to riding a two wheeled bike alone. There is such a stong feeling of freedom, accomplishment and independence that comes from doing this.


The good thing about learning how to cycle is that once you know how to do it you can never unlearn it. Riding a bicycle is therefore a great form of exercise for a child as young as two. Of course you have to choose the safest bike for kids of different ages. For example small children should not be allowed to ride a bicycle that has handbrakes until they turn 9. For the same safety reason, kids should not ride out on the streets without being supervised.

Just like any other type of exercise, cycling has lots of physical benefits. For one, a child learns how to balance and co-ordinate themselves. They also gain leg strength, improve their cardiovascular fitness and keep their weight in check.

Cycling also instills a high level of self-esteem, community responsibility, discipline and environmental awareness on a child. Not to mention the fact that you kid will enjoy more hours of freedom and family bonding.


5. Walking

What happened to putting on some nice comfortable pair of shoes or children’s wellies and taking a brisk walk outside? Seems so simple but the reality is that not too many people are taking walks nowadays. And this has filtered down to their children. After all, kids emulate what they see their parents doing. So when they see their parents spending way too many hours watching TV or sitting in front of their computers that’s exactly what they do.

Walking is the best form of exercise for both adults and kids. Not only is it an inexpensive way of keeping fit, it’s a great way to bond.

Walking helps your kid to master co-ordination and balance. It also improves the strength of their legs and controls their weights.

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