Money making ideas for stay at home mums

Posted on Jun 26 2015 - 12:48pm by Charlie

It’s not news that stay at home mums are constantly looking for a side venture that they can engage in to earn a little more money. The good news is that there are plenty of smart options out there, most of which allow mums to work from the comfort of their homes. This list by bingo butlers gives you examples of smart money making ideas for mums.

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1. Become A Mum To Many

Not in the literal sense of course. As a stay at home mum you have an obvious advantage over baby sitters who have no children of their own. Taking care of other people’s children for a small fee is an easy way to make a few extra dollars. The truth is that day care is not an option for all parents. Some just want their child or children in a nurturing setting similar to the one they have in their own home while they are away. The beauty of taking care other people’s kids is that you offer just that. Not to mention the added advantage of having other kids around your own. If you do a really good job doing this, word will go around about your services and this will only translate to more business and money for you. If you want to have an extra edge over other mums offering the same service you can use unique marketing styles to do just that.

2. Use Your Talents

Every single person alive is good at something. It’s just how it is. That means there is something else to you apart from being a wonderful mum to your child or children. You might have had Bakery Jobs or teaching jobs before you became a stay-at-home mum. So, maybe you can make use of your experience and talent to make a living out of it. If you are not entirely sure what your talent is, you need to search for yourself. Often, your talent is something you love doing and feel fulfilled doing it. If you still can’t figure it out, think about what other people tell you that you are good at. You could make delicious cakes and sell them or charge for baking classes. The key thing is to find a need and do something to satisfy that need and make money while at it.

For you to start making money you have to believe in what you can deliver. If you do, then other people will and they will buy into what you are offering. You can start by reaching out to people close to you and asking them to recommend you to other people once they are satisfied with the product or service.


3. Play Bingo Online

You never know when lady luck will decide to strike. Who does not dream of striking it big anyway? I know I do. Somewhere at the back of your mind you have to admit that you have thought about purchasing a new car or house or going on a vacation on a cruise ship. You can validate this dream by playing the lottery or bingo online. Playing online saves you a lot of hustle as you can play any time as opposed to having to head down to the good old fashioned bingo halls.

If you’re unsure of which bingo sites to use, have a read online of reviews to see which ones have the best games, communities, payout times etc.

4. Care For The Adorable Furry Friends

This is especially easy for mums that adore pets. There are so many people that want the absolute best care for their pets when they are not taking care of them themselves. Dogs often need to be taken on walks and not every dog owner has the time to do this. Offering your time to walk their dogs is therefore a fantastic way to make money doing something you enjoy. Most pet owners have a close emotional attachment and want someone who will treat them humanely. If you are a mommy who loves pets you can surely relate to this feeling. Chances are that you will keep your clients and laugh all the way to the bank if you do a good job caring for people’s pets.

5. Dive Head First Into The Online Scene

As a full time mum, chances are high that you own a computer or laptop and are connected to internet. Do you know that that’s all you need to start making money online? That and a quite a bit of your time. If you can get just a few hours in a day to sit and do something on your computer you can make quite a bit of money. There are so many jobs that you can do online. Years past doing online jobs seemed too good to be true. Not anymore. Online jobs include designing websites, being a virtual assistant, content writing, affiliate marketing, photography and video editing among many others. The good news is that you can learn how to do practically anything on the internet. It’s important that you do a lot of research before you embark on this online journey. The internet is full of scams and you can avoid these if you make your choice after doing enough research.

6. Become An Event Planner

Do you consider yourself the ultimate people’s person? Why not use your bubbly personality to make you some money? You can do this by being the person people come to when they need someone to plan their event. You can even turn this up by co-operating with companies by offering them a venue where they can advertise their products. It’s a great way to put your name out there and network while socializing at the same time.

7. Get Busy With Your Hands

If you consider yourself great at making wonderful creations with your hands you’ve got all you need to make yourself rich! With the market being flooded with multiple copies of everything, people are always looking for something that stands out. You can be the person that creates new and unique things for such people. The truth is that people can pay top dollar for something hand made. Good examples of things that you can make are picture frames, candles, winter clothes among many others.

8. Let Your Credentials Work For You

Just because you are a stay at home mum does not mean you do not have any certifications? Right? There are so many stay at home mums who are professionals in a certain field of study. If you fall under this group you can use your expertise to make some extra money. For example testifying in court as an expert witness can earn you more than 60 per hour. To make your professional certifications work for you, you would have to send out a detailed resume showcasing your skills and competencies then waiting for that all important call.

9. Be Part of Focus Groups

Online companies often need focus groups to participate in surveys where groups of people are required to answer set questions. The good news is that participants in such focus groups are paid something for giving their time. To become part of such focus groups you need to put your name up on a list and wait for the company to respond asking for you to offer your service. Much as this type of work is seasonal, when it comes, it pays well. What’s more, there is not much you will have to do on your part apart from answer some really simple questions.

10. Deliver Newspapers

Truth be told, moms are usually the first people to walk up. Only a lucky few have the luxury of having an early morning nap. With so much to do around your home in the morning, you can simply add newspaper delivery onto your list. Delivering newspapers is a neat and polite way of exercising and making money.

11. Do Your Real Job From Your Home

If you are one of those lucky mums who double up in the corporate scene you can try convince your bosses why it’s advantageous to work from home than commute to and fro from the company’s offices.

That way you can actually do your real job from the comfort of your home and continue making your income while taking close care of your kid(s) at home.

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