Keeping the spark alive when baby’s on his way

Posted on Nov 28 2013 - 4:04pm by Charlie


Having a baby is a blessing in every culture, in every country in the world. That special time waiting for the new life to arrive is often a tense time, and the challenge for parents-to-be is how to stay positive and a great team while everything changes. Romance is easily forgotten to make way for practical changes in a relationship, however it’s more important than ever to make time to spend together before baby’s arrival.

Romantic evening meals will become a small military operation once arranging babysitters gets involved, so make the most of free evenings now. Fashionable maternity clothes are possible, pregnancy doesn’t have to be a time for dressing in oversized sacks. Heavenly Bump have some glamorous body con dresses that accentuate every curve – the old ones he used to love and all the new ones he loves too! If possible (i.e. if feet aren’t too swollen) wear a pair of high heels, because once baby’s arrived it’ll be nothing but sneakers for running around after the little one.

Now’s the time for any holidays or weekends away that have been on the backburner. If a trip abroad is planned make sure there aren’t any travel restrictions for travelling when pregnant, as some airlines and ferries have a cut-off date for safe travel. A romantic trip now will create a special photo album of memories, and bump can see the photos once they’re older and feel involved as if they were there too.

Spontaneous days out can be a great way to retain a sense of adventure. Pick something fun, like a trip to the zoo or a visit a city you’ve never been to but have already said that you would. Take it easy on the walking to prevent prematurely tired legs but make the most of having a break from everyday life. Take a picnic to enhance the child-like sense of fun, and buy a little gift for baby in the gift shop on the way out.

Don’t underestimate the importance of a little pre-baby surprise. Gents, on the last day of your partner’s work before maternity leave begins arrange for a bunch of flowers to be delivered to her desk, outlining how excited you are and what a great job she’s doing at growing your baby. It’ll earn you the partner-of-the-century award at her workplace, as well as in her mind too: which is more important now than ever.

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