Keeping your Jewellery Safe – Preservation for valuables

Posted on Oct 8 2015 - 12:28pm by Charlie

Taking good care of a piece of meaningful jewellery is incredibly important, particularly if this jewellery has already been passed down from generation to generation. Whether it was given to you by a close friend or relative who is no longer with you, or it has been in the family for a long time, jewellery can be extremely precious to those who own it. Of course there are your generic chains and necklaces, but every now and then comes along a piece that you really care about, that you are worried for, that you only wear on special occasions on account of just how special it is.

When it comes to those pieces of jewellery, you can never be too careful. But how do you go about making sure they stay safe and in good condition for you to enjoy for years to come? Take a look at our small guide to making sure your beautiful jewellery stays safe.

Locks, Hasps, and Latches
Starting out simple! Make sure you get quality locks installed with the help of a reliable locksmith Preston (if that’s where you live) and properly lock up your valuables in order to reduce the risk of losing them, one way or another. If you’re planning on going on holiday, try not to take your most precious pieces of jewelry unless you absolutely have to, and even then take your own personal safe where you can keep them secure. Many hotel rooms will have a safe, but you can never be too careful!

While at home, it is not ever really a good idea to keep precious pieces out on display, unless you rarely allow visitors into the house and you have reasonably good security. You might think you are being careful with your locks but it only takes one mistake to lose it completely. Keep it locked away!

Hidden Compartment
Some jewellery boxes have hidden compartments where you can store small things like earrings, evil eye pendant and spare chain pieces. If your jewellery box has one of these, this might be a good place to keep your most precious jewellery. If your jewellery box doesn’t already have a hidden compartment, making one is simple enough. Just buy or make a box that is slightly shallower than the bottom half of the jewellery box and place it inside the existing box. The gap formed by the new box is now your hidden compartment!

Using the Right Cleaning Solutions
Keeping your jewellery safe isn’t all about keeping it secure. You need to know how to treat it if it ever gets stained or water damaged. Professional jewellers will be able to provide expert advice on the best cleaners you can use on your jewellery to ensure that it keeps its shine. Try not to use any harsh chemicals as these may tarnish or damage your jewellery. Nevertheless, damaged jewellery is not the end! It is possible to restore broken or old jewellery with the help of an expert at a jewellery store such as Jacobs the jeweller. Most of these stores have on-site professionals who can alter or repair jewellery parts based on your requirements.

Wrap it up
Wrapping up your jewellery in a soft dust cloth will help protect it from getting scratched when moving the box about and will also prevent it from gathering dust. A dusty piece of jewellery is not a damaged piece of jewellery, but it can be awkward to clean so it is better to keep it wrapped up. If you have a padded jewellery box, this will also help keep it in good condition for longer.

If you take good care of it, precious jewellery will last for many years to come, however general wear and tear will affect it, so regular maintenance is important. For chains that you wear on a regular basis, the contact with your skin can tarnish or otherwise affect the metal so it is important to take it off every now and then. Nothing lasts forever, but by taking care and by trying to be careful (with things like washing up, showers etc. anything that could damage the jewellery) you can certainly get a whole lot of wear from your unique jewellery pieces.

Article provided by QIM; a specialist gate furniture supplier and installation company based in Doncaster for over 20 years.

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