Money Making Ideas For Stay At Home Mums

Posted on Apr 15 2015 - 2:26pm by Charlie

Many stay at home mummys are always thinking about what they can do to make a little more money. The good news is that there are super smart ways of making a little bit more money right out of the comfort of your home. Here are some options that you choose from.

1. Take On Another Kid

Not yours of course. Seeing as you are a stay at home mom, you are already at an advantage when it comes to caring and looking after children. You can use these skills to take care of other people’s children. Not all parents deem daycare as the perfect care for their young children. Some parents will pay an arm and a leg to get a sitter who will provide a family setting during the times they are unavailable due to work or other commitments. Such kinds of responsibilities will call for you to sacrifice your time and you have to be committed to your job while still looking after your own family. If this is the route you wish to take, make sure you leave a good reputation with every family you work with. You will get more referrals that way. Apart from referrals you can also personally put the word out using unique marketing styles.

2. Hone Your Talents

It would be such a waste to be exceptionally good at something and not share that with anyone. If you know beyond any reasonable doubt that you are good at doing something you can charge other people to learn the same from you. Perhaps you are good at cooking, baking, science, maths, dancing or playing the piano. There are so many people out there who are looking to learn something but have no one to teach them. If you notice that there is a need that needs to be filled seek to satisfy that need.

sell homemade cupcakes to make a few extra quid

sell homemade cupcakes to make a few extra quid

For you go get going you only need to advertise your skills and talents at places where you think you can get clients. You can also get other people you have worked with vouch for you as a way of putting in a good word.

3. Play games & win money

I always dream of winning big, buying a new house, car and swanning off on holiday. I’ve started playing games online , usually Bingo & lottery as it saves having to get to a shop before 7.30pm when the tills go off. One day my luck is going to be in and I’ll get a half decent win – I usually get an email saying I’ve won 2.10! how annoying! I play the lottery online at normally.

4. Provide Pet Care

Are you an animal lover? You could offer your time to your neighbors and friends who own pets as well. Dogs usually need to be out and about from time to time and sometimes dog owners just don’t have the time to take their dogs out. You can offer to walk their dogs and get paid for doing something you actually enjoy doing. If you’re thinking about this, you could even invest in a dog pillow custom to help them sleep or even recommend them to a pet owner. Most pet lovers want the best for their pets. They also want someone who will care and be humane to them just as they would. Only a fellow pet lover would understand this and if you are one you stand a good chance of making easy money this way.

5. Work Online

Do you know that that home PC or lone laptop sitting at home can be your source of income? All you need to start working online is a working computer, access to internet and your time. Take a look at different providers in your area, and pick a plan that suits your needs. There are likely to be many companies that are The best in high speed internet and phones. You won’t have much to worry about when it comes to getting a good connection. Additionally, there are so many online jobs to choose from, but you have to know what you are good at. The number of people undertaking online jobs has increased over the years and this has made competition stiff. You therefore have to be good at what you do. Working online will often require you to meet deadlines so you have to learn how to work fast and still deliver top-notch quality. The growth of the internet has also led to many scamming companies so be careful and do your research before you begin working for any prospective company.

6. Organize House Parties

Are you that social being who has friends who just can’t get enough of shopping? Well, what do you know! You can try organizing house parties where you can showcase products to be sold. It’s the nature of people to want to talk about fairly priced products. You can therefore make extra income while still having fun and meeting new people. How awesome!

7. Sell Hand-Made Creations

If you know how to make beautiful and unique creations using your hands, you are sitting on a goldmine. There is so much that you can create. Good examples are scarves and warm clothing during winter season, unique picture frames or scented candles. You can even put them into cute tote bags with custom embroidery when you send the items to your customers. This can be a nice touch that promotes eco-living while also showcasing your home brand.

There really is no end to the things you can make and sell.

8. Sell Your Expertise

If you are certified and qualified in a certain field of study you can use this expertise to make additional income. Being called upon to be an expert witness for a court case is one such way of using your expertise as a way of making money. In such a case you can earn more than 60 for every hour. To get started in this field you need to add your resume to one of the many expert directory services and then wait to be called upon.

9. Participate In Focus Groups

And for this you only need a working computer and a connection to the internet. Search for online based companies who pay you to participate in their focus groups. You only have to put your name on the list and wait for a response as to when they will require your services. Even though this type of work is not steady, when it comes it pays well. As a stay at home mum you can get paid 25-65 just for answering questions.

10. Newspaper Delivery

This way of making money is particularly ideal for someone who is always up and running at the crack of dawn. It’s a humble way of meeting a need in your immediate community and making money while at it.

11. Work From Home So To Speak

It is actually possible for you to be employed and not have to check into the office every single day. Of course you would have to talk to your boss about the idea of working via the internet and telephone from your home. Some companies will actually see that it makes more sense to have you work from home and save on providing office space which is an extra cost for the company.

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