5 Beautiful Unique Themed Kitchen

Posted on Aug 19 2015 - 2:00pm by Charlie


When it comes to kitchen design, you can often find yourself stuck in a rut, looking at magazine after magazine of the same picture perfect kitchen styles. Contemporary kitchens, classical kitchens, Victorian kitchens, they are all gorgeous but they are not quite…you.

Whether you’re a wannabe chef or just a spare-time baker, your kitchen is a part of your home and a part of your livelihood. It only makes sense that it should be designed just how you like it. If you already have a personalized kitchen designed for your needs, then you are definitely having all the fun. But if not, you might want to check out websites like kitchenandbath.ca and look for an innovative idea to give your kitchen a remodeling.

However, if you are someone who wants to give your kitchen a new touch by yourself, let’s look at some very unique kitchen themes. These are from people who either have a real flair for DIY or who have expert interior designers focused on giving them a kitchen tailored to their needs.

1. Futuristic Kitchen

The future is now! Although, we don’t quite have hoverboards and robot servants yet. Whether you are modelling your kitchen after Star Trek or Back to the Future, stark white and silver units create an eerie sci-fi feel to your kitchen. Electric blue overhead lighting and touch screen surfaces on the microwave and fridge, as well as a state of the art Neff hide ‘n’ slide oven all complement our ‘futuristic theme’.

There are a number of space saving solutions available from interior designers which are designed to look as sleek and stylish as possible. All you need to do is combine them with electric blue lighting and minimalist accessories, including transparent ‘suspended’ stools and a kitchen island. Bang, there you have a perfect futuristic themed kitchen.

2. Cartoon Homage Kitchen

Whether Mickey Mouse, Tom and Jerry or the Simpsons are your obsession, there is a little something about the 2D world that has its own natural charm. With its oversized buttons and colourful vibrant background, it would be fantastic if you could make your entire kitchen look as if it just stepped out of a comic book.

Stylised ‘cartoon’ appliances and accessories are in fact available online, if you know where to look. Plus there are dozens of ‘Mickey Mouse’ accessories, including oven gloves, toasters, chopping boards and even carving knifes available!

3. Nautical/Under-the-Sea Theme

While slightly more common than others on this list, the nautical-themed kitchen is still unique with its quirky range of stylish appliances and wall hangings, right down to the curved cabinets and aquatic color pallet. Look for companies that tend to provide Cabinet Refinishing in Stafford, VA, or in your area to design your cabinets that are functional and match your sea-themed kitchen. Also, there are countless sea-themed wallpapers that you can use to great effect in an under-the-sea kitchen.

Shell soap hand sanitizers and seahorse salt and pepper shakers make cute finishing touches to a nautical kitchen and there is certainly no shortage of themed dishes and cutlery sets. Just try to make a different dish from fish every now and then!

4. Savoury Sorcery Kitchen

Ever fancied becoming your very own potions master? In a fantasy twist on a classical Victorian kitchen you can whip up a spell in a Hogwarts-style themed kitchen. The best thing about this kitchen theme is that the fantasy genre was inspired by medieval times, so many utensils used back then can still be found today. All they need is a little modification and you’re good to go.

A traditional stone oven will work wonders for a ‘sorcery style’ kitchen, whilst stone countertops will give you something solid to work off for all those potions and recipes you want to make. These quartz countertops in Castle Rock are perfect if you’re looking to add a little mystical sparkle to the room, and to finish off the design, why not try some atmospheric overhead lighting in warm yellows to cast a magical glow.

5. Pixel Perfect Kitchen

The great thing about this kitchen is that it is almost like a geeky kitchen in disguise. Pixels are what many retro games of old were made of, and they look just like any old checkerboard design. Sharp angles and pixelated designs translate really well into kitchen architecture and you won’t have to break the bank to get your kitchen the way you like it.

Plus with ‘tetris inspired’ stackable lights, space invaders cookie cutters and a number of Mario themed utensils and storage containers available, you can turn your kitchen into a retro gamers dream kitchen.

Have any of these quirky kitchen themes inspired you to give your kitchen a much needed make-over? While themed kitchens are certainly not for everybody, there is something very endearing about people using a theme to inspire their home design. It just goes to show that neither hell nor high water will come in the way of people expressing their creativity.

Article provided by Price Kitchens, a family run kitchen supplier and installation specialist based in Surrey, celebrating 35 years of operation in 2015.

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