Great Ideas For Baby Photographs

Posted on Jan 16 2015 - 4:01am by Charlie

When you stare down at your newborn as they sleep, the whole world falls still and quiet. Those little moments where you can’t blink or look away record the sights and feelings you have for little one forever in your mind. They are impossible to describe and difficult to recall without welling up. Those are the moments you wish you could capture forever to share with the whole world, but your camera never seems to be handy!

Some people like to take photos of their babies every day so they can see how they grow and change over the course of a year. This takes considerable patience and planning. To really compare photos you need baby to be in the same position with the same lighting each time. Once baby reaches just a few weeks old, they are more lively and less likely to cooperate! However, if you find a good spot to take a photo, you can try some time lapse work. Pick somewhere that is suitable for a newborn and a one-year-old. A Moses basket isn’t going to work. Natural light is great, but it is too changeable so pick a stable and consistent light source.


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Having fun with your own photography is great. You can even take lessons from specialists at your local baby photography studio. Never again will your baby be that age so it is important to capture everything you can. With digital photography, you will never run out of room to store all those images – just buy another flash card! You can add lots of great effects in camera or on your computer. You can string each image together in a YouTube vid for the whole world to see. Your options are endless.

Any photographer will tell you that you need to take lots of shots just to find the right one for the day. Newborn faces are so full of expression and wonder as they take in the sights and smells of their new world. Finding them all is great fun and capturing them is challenging and entertaining. When you start your photography, you may naturally be taking all the photos of baby laying down. After about four months, you will find it hard to keep baby in that position for very long! For time-lapse work, you may want to prop your newborn up carefully, or see if you can keep your older baby laying down long enough.

The type of photography you are hoping for maybe a collection of activities. Baby yawning, smiling, sitting, eating and crawling are all great, active shots to take. They may help record the landmark developments such as standing and walking. Be sure to include pictures of you in the mix. You will look back with great fondness at any photos that show the two of you bonding. Just looking into each other’s eyes can make some really powerful photography. Most importantly, enjoy the process of capturing those precious moments. You don’t want it to become a chore or stressful for you both.

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