Why Glass Sculptures Can Make Such a Thoughtful Gift

Posted on Oct 26 2015 - 6:21pm by Charlie

Whether you have been searching for weeks on end, trying to find the perfect gift, or you’ve only just started looking through different websites, it can become a long and arduous process finding a heartfelt gift. From small trinkets to more expensive sculptures, glass can make a beautiful gift for your loved one, no matter how young or old they may be. It is just important that you choose the right class gift for your relative, and we can help make your decision!

Are they into sports? Do they love plants or animals? Are they creative and love artistic pieces, or are they more practical and would they prefer a gift they can put to good use? It is important that you use your knowledge of the person in order to determine the best sort of gift for them. A person who loves animals might not be so happy with a decorative mirror or some jewellery, but they might love a delicate stained glass dolphin sculpture. You should know them quite well, so use your intuition when looking at the sort of gifts they might like.

So why the glass? Why would glass make such a good gift for a loved one of any age?

A Centrepiece for your home
Glass sculptures, whether a flower or animal or fantastical creature, can reflect your own personality and look great in the home. You can choose a creature or plant that holds special meaning to your loved one, or present them with something that represents a ‘piece of yourself’ so that they have a piece of you with them at all times. For example, if you have a private joke or personal nickname (such as ‘puppy’ or similar) you can buy an animal to represent that joke.

The best part about these ‘private joke’ gifts is that nobody else gets it. They look at the sculpture and see a beautiful animal or plant, but you and your loved one are able to see something more. Glass sculptures make great centrepieces, whether on the windowsill or at the centre of the dining table or even on the dresser, and they are a constant reminder of you.

Preserving a Piece of History
Some glass pieces have fossils or feathers preserved within the glass. In the same way pressed flowers work, you can help preserve a memory of a time you spent together. You can buy a pre-made preserved glass piece or try and make your own with a snowflake, or a special flower or plant preserved between two slides. This can represent their favourite flower, or a souvenir of some place you may have visited together.

You can also purchase glass pieces that have graphics engraved or decorated in the centre, creating a 3D picture of your choice. Do you have a favourite photo of your loved one as a younger child or as they are now? See if you can capture it in glass using this cute and personal method.

Practical Gifts
Glass jewellery, stained glass mirrors and glass cutlery and crockery are all great gifts that serve both a practical purpose and have meaning behind them. Is your loved one more of a practical person? Decorated glasses could be a good idea as you can buy them in a beautiful matching set and they will get some practical use. They might not be so fond of glass figurines or picture frames, so buying something that they can use is a good idea for people who prefer practicality.

It is important to remember that if you are planning on giving a glass present to a young child or younger relative, you might want to start out with something small. Let them know that it is delicate and precious and is something to be admired instead of played with. Some children get a lot of joy out of collecting glass trinkets or porcelain figurines, so you could start up a new hobby for them.

Of course, you should know your relative quite well, so you have a basic idea of their likes and dislikes. At the end of the day, it is essential to give a gift that has meaning to the giftee, either by relation to you or through a hobby or passion of theirs. Gifts should represent the bond between the two of you, so if you think hard enough about it, you should be able to find a good gift that your loved one will treasure.

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