How to Find the Right Entertainment for Your Wedding

Posted on Apr 16 2014 - 1:29pm by Charlie

How to Find the Right Entertainment for Your WeddingWedding entertainment can often be a minefield, full of different DJs, magicians, bands and performers who are all vying for your attention and your money. It can often be difficult when choosing wedding entertainment as it is not necessarily something that you can “try before you buy” and it may be a very easy for you to be left with a product or service that you are not happy with. As this is the case it is important to do a lot of research and planning before you choose your wedding entertainment to ensure that it will live up to your expectations of the biggest day of your life.

Get Online

There are thousands of entertainers in the industry and going online will help you narrow that down and look through some of the directories that are available. You can narrow down your individual requirements by searching for exactly what you want whether it is a band, a singer or a magician and narrow down the search area. Chances are, the higher up the search engine, the more established the business is. But don’t make that your only reason for choosing them.

Do Your Research

Research is key to choosing the entertainment that you will ultimately be most happy with. If you have been recommended a specific entertainer by friends or family then this is excellent, as you already have a good review of them. However, if you have found them on your own, it is important that you find a number of individuals who are able to verify the professionalism, entertainment value and reliability of any act. You may be able to find reviews of them online or get contacts from the company itself of individuals who they have worked with. Any entertainer worth their salt, such as Oliver B Magic, wedding DJs or live bands will be happy to provide you with this information to secure a booking. Incorporating all of these reviews will give you a good idea of whether or not your chosen entertainment will be suitable.

Check Availability and Price

You may have already decided how much of your budget you would like to spend on an entertainer at your wedding, but it is important to remember that choosing a cheap company may result in poor quality entertainment. Work within your budget but not below it and keep your expectations realistic. If a number of wedding DJs are charging 500 for the night, you probably won’t be able to find a great quality one for 50, so don’t try. Once you have worked out how much you can spend and found somebody to suit your needs then it is important that you find out whether or not they are available.

Secure Your Entertainment Well in Advance

You would like your wedding to successfully entertain your guests. This means that you would have to create an environment where everyone feels lively and sociable. And the key to that is quite simple – good music, good food, and good liquor. To start with, you could arrange an Acoustic Wedding Singer to keep the crowd engaged and nostalgic from the tracks they play. Next, you’d want to make arrangements for some great food; some family favourites, and ones that are eaten occasionally would work perfectly. And finally, maintain a selection of three or four alcohols, like beer, whisky, wine, and a cocktail for people of different ages and preferences to choose from.

So, once you have found the entertainment that you would like to make the bookings. It is important to get yourself pencilled in their diaries as soon as possible because you’d have the best chance at securing their services for the evening and making sure your wedding is exactly how you want it. You may be asked to pay a booking fee to secure your date and at this time; it may also be important to draw up a contract and obtain a receipt. Following these tips will hopefully mean you can pull off the wedding day you’ve always wanted without a hitch; so good luck and happy planning.

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