Top Tips For Helping Your Child Adjust To Having Braces

Posted on Jun 21 2015 - 8:54am by Charlie

For many children, their worst fear is having a mouth full of metal, aka having to wear braces. There are worries about the pain, how the other kids at school will treat them, how they will cope with braces. For many kids, getting braces is a big deal.


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As a parent, what worries your child, probably worries you too. So it’s likely that if your child is anxious about getting their new braces, you are also a little worried. But there is no need to be, while painful at first, braces won’t affect your child’s life in a big way.

The key to helping your child through their first few weeks of having braces is being well prepared. To help you do this, we have put together some tips that you should find useful, below:

Know how to deal with soreness

At first, and after each time their braces are tightened, your child will experience some pain and discomfort. Before your child has their braces put on, explain to them that while they will be sore, it will only last for a couple of days.

After getting their braces put on, your child will most probably have aching teeth and gums and sore areas within their mouth. The sore areas will be caused by where the brackets and wires are rubbing, which can be helped by orthodontic wax.

Have a contact number for emergencies

All good orthodontic clinics will have a contact number for emergencies. For instance, on the Smile Doctor’s website,, there is information about how they can be contacted in an emergency. While braces-related emergencies are rare, it’s good to have a contact number in case.

If your child is in extreme pain or their braces break, it’s important that you get them to see a dentist right away. That’s why having an emergency contact number is important so that you can contact an orthodontist if needed.

Prepare soft foods

For the first few days after having their braces fitted, your child’s mouth will be too sore to eat normal foods. So it’s a good idea to have a few braces-friendly foods available for them. Things like soup, pasta, yogurt, baked potatoes, and stewed fruit are all ideal foods.

If your child is struggling, letting them eat ice cream, frozen yogurt, and sorbet for a few days won’t hurt. While your child adjusts to having braces, let them eat what they want. As their mouth toughens up, they’ll soon be eating normally again.

Be prepared to deal with embarrassment

Some children, especially older children worry a lot about what their peers will think of their new braces. So it’s important that you are prepared to help them build up their confidence. Explain to your child that lots of people have to have braces, even celebrities. Show your child pictures of celebrities with braces and explain to them that no one should be mean about their new braces.

It might not be a big deal to you, but for your child getting braces can be big. That’s why it’s crucial that you prepare properly for their orthodontic treatment so that you can help them to adjust.


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