Top Tips for Natural Domestic Cleaning

Posted on Nov 20 2013 - 1:26pm by Charlie

Domestic cleaning with harsh chemicals isn’t great for the environment and it can aggravate allergies and affect your health in other ways too, so if you’d like a clean but chemical free house then follow these top tips provided by a leading Brighton cleaning company,


Line a washing up bowl with silver foil placed shiny side up. Sprinkle in a handful of soda crystals and add enough warm water to cover your cutlery, then watch as it turns sparkling silver. When your cutlery is shining rinse thoroughly in warm water and dry with a soft tea towel or cloth to avoid water marks.

Drain Cleaning

One of the easiest ways to unclog a sink naturally is with a mix of equal parts salt and baking soda. Pour this down the sink and leave it for a few hours, or even overnight for a really large blockage. Follow this the next morning by tipping a pan of boiling water down the sink. If this doesn’t work then it may be best to seek the advice of a professional, in which case you’ll want to visit Mac-Vik Plumbing and Heating for all of your drain cleaning needs.

Red Wine

To get rid of a red wine spill pour on some soda water and dab and repeat until the stain is completely removed, then leave your carpet to dry naturally. If the carpet is still not free of the stain, then you can also contact an expert San Diego carpet cleaning service or their likes within your area, who can remove the stain.

Shower Head Limescale

If your shower head can be removed place it in a bowl of hot white vinegar for 30 minutes. You can stop the shower head from floating upwards by taping it to the bowl with masking tape before you pour in the vinegar. After 30 mins remove the shower head and scrub with an old toothbrush to remove any insistent limescale deposits.

Tap Limescale

To remove limescale from taps wrap paper towels around the affected areas and then pour on hot white vinegar. Leave for an hour and then wipe the taps with a clean, damp cloth. Don’t try this on taps that have been plated though as it will cause damage.

Toilet Cleaning

To clean your toilet hygienically use a paper towel and abrasive toilet cleaner. Then when you’ve finished you can flush the towel down the loo. Also, look for any leaky pipes or showers while you’re cleaning the toilet. Most of the time, you won’t realize there’s a problem until it happens, so calling a plumbing service in your town, such as Tom Moffett Plumbing (for more info, check, would be a better option rather than waiting for an emergency.

Laundry Baskets

Keep laundry baskets smelling fresh by sprinkling a few drops of tea tree oil on a paper towel and placing it at the bottom of your basket.

Streak Free Windows

Use a mixture of three parts water one part vinegar and a soft cotton cloth to wash your windows, then run dry with scrunched up newspaper to eliminate streaks. When cleaning windows clean one side horizontally and the other side vertically so you can easily spot any remaining streaks.

Clean Fridge

To remove dirt or liquid from your fridge drain roll up a paper towel tightly and insert it into the drain to suck up any residue.

Use Microfibre Cloths

You can use antibacterial microfiber cloths to clean all your surfaces without using cleaning products. You can also use an antibacterial microfibre mop for your floors.

Make your Own Scouring Powder

You can make a scouring powder by mixing salt and bicarbonate of soda with a little water to make a paste. You can apply the paste and rub with a soft cloth for a chemical free and less abrasive scour.

Floor Cleaner

Fill a jar with lemon peel and pour over white vinegar until the jar is full. Leave for up to a fortnight then strain out the liquid and use for disinfecting surfaces, cleaning windows or mopping floors.

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